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Avocado, Chicken and Bacon Chopped Salad with a Creamy Basil Dressing

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Avocados, Chicken, Bacon, and tomatoes come together in this fresh and delicious salad giving it amazing flavor! One of the best salads that I have EVER had!



Don’t you just love when you make a good salad? One that your mouth waters over and that you could make again and again? This is that salad. One of the best that I have ever had!

I seriously love avocado. When I am thinking of a new salad to create, it is usually included. It also goes so well in this Strawberry Avocado Salad. Avocado adds such a creamy texture and rich taste. Everything combined in this salad was amazing and I couldn’t get enough!



The line up is all ridiculously good and some of my favorites.

Chicken + Tomato + Fresh Romaine + Avocado + Bacon = love. The bacon though. Adds such great flavor to this salad. But then again. When doesn’t bacon make everything better?


This salad could be devoured even without the dressing. But the dressing is fantastic! It is a sweet and tangy dressing with chopped basil inside. Just when you think this salad doesn’t get any better, you add the amazing dressing. Trust me. This salad is one of the best salads that you will eat!




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