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Grilled Nectarine Sundaes

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Hey Recipe Critic readers! It’s Chelsea back from Chelsea’s Messy Apron with a perfect summer dessert – a nectarine sundae. But first, how was your Memorial Day? I hope you all had a wonderful day and enjoyed good weather! Although summer is still a couple of weeks away, we have already been grilling like crazy. To be honest though, my family tends to grill year round. The husband and I love grilled food!

Grilled Nectarine Sundae on a blue plate on a wooden table.

And grilled desserts? Well, those are even better! By grilling fruit, it brings out a lot of the natural sugars and sweetness in the fruit. Plus, the fruit part is still healthy. Totally a win – win.

It’s almost like all that good fruit cancels out the sugars of the ice cream, right? At least that’s what I tell myself 😉

Grilled Nectarine Sundae on a blue plate on a wooden table.

These nectarines are first grilled until they are tender and have grilled marks. After they’ve been removed from the grill, you fill the center with plenty of nutella. The nutella gets all sorts of awesome and gooey.

And before the fruit cools down too much, you’ll want to scoop a large serving of vanilla ice cream on top. Oh, and don’t forget the whipped topping. The ice cream and whipped cream when topped on the cooked fruit literally just melts in your mouth.

It’s so good. The crushed pecans on top are totally optional, but I like the extra crunch. Feel free to try something else or leave the nuts off entirely.

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Time to fire up your grill!

Grilled Nectarine Sundae on a blue plate on a wooden table.



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